Kia Stinger Service Manual 2017-2020

kia stinger service manual

Kia Stinger Service Manual 2017-2020


Kia Stinger Lambda II 3.3 T-GDi
272kW 3.3L Twin Turbo

Year Models


Drivetrain / Engine Type

3.3L Twin Turbocharged Petrol V6


8 Speed Automatic Transmission

File Type


Topics Covered in this Kia Stinger repair manual

General Info
Body Int & Ext
Body Electrical
Engine Mechanical
Engine Electrical
Emission Control
Engine Control & Fuel
Auto Trans
4 Wheel Drive
Driveshaft & Axle
Service Schedule.pdf

kia stinger service manual

Example of content:

Kia Stinger Cylinder Head Repair Procedures

Here are some of the common maintenance items that are covered, as well as the more indepth engine/suspension related topics.

Kia Stinger: Maintenance/Consumables Section
Kia Stinger CK 2017-2020 Owners Manual / Maintenance
Engine compartment
Maintenance services
Owner maintenance
Scheduled maintenance service
Normal Maintenance Schedule – Turbo Models
Maintenance Under Severe Usage Conditions – Turbo Models
Explanation of scheduled maintenance items
Checking fluid levels
Engine oil
Engine coolant
Brake fluid
Washer fluid
Parking brake
Air cleaner
Climate control air filter
Wiper blades
Battery replacement
For best battery service
Recharging the battery
Tires and wheels
Recommended cold tire inflation pressures
Tire pressure
Checking tire inflation pressure
Tire rotation
Wheel alignment and tire balance, Flat Spots
Tire replacement
Tire sidewall labeling
Tire terminology and definitions
All season tires, Summer tires
Snow tires, Radial-ply tires
Low aspect ratio tire
Inner panel fuse replacement
Engine compartment fuse replacement
Fuse/relay panel description
Light bulbs
Bulb replacement precaution
Light bulb position (Front)
Light bulb position (Rear)
Light bulb position (Side)
Headlamp (LED type) replacement (Headlamp Type B)
Side marker bulb replacement (Headlamp Type A)
Position lamp + DRL (LED type) bulb replacement (Headlamp Type A)
Headlamp (Low/High beam) bulb replacement (Headlamp Type A)
Stop and tail lamp (LED type) bulb replacement
Rear side marker (LED type) bulb replacement
Rear turn signal lamp (LED type) bulb replacement
Rear turn signal lamp (bulb type) bulb replacement
Back-up lamp bulb replacement
High mounted stop lamp (LED type) bulb replacement
License plate lamp (LED type) bulb replacement
Side repeater lamp (LED type) bulb replacement
Map lamp (LED type) bulb replacement
Vanity mirror lamp (LED type) bulb replacement
Room lamp (LED type) bulb replacement
Glove box lamp (LED type) bulb replacement
Luggage room lamp (LED type) bulb replacement
Appearance care
Exterior care
Keep your vehicle clean
Interior care